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Why Should You Contact the Securities Fraud Lawyers Of Savage Villoch Law?

Savage Villoch Law, PLLC, has been helping investors recover their investment losses for 10 years, with a recent victory of over $15.4 million against one of the largest stock brokerage firms. We successfully recovered the investments of a retired couple by proving that, due to an individual broker’s acts, the brokerage firm was responsible for these extraordinary losses.

Our Florida-based group of dedicated attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants diligently represent investors who have suffered stock losses or other investment loss. Our team has decades of experience representing investors who have suffered significant stock, bonds, variable annuities, indexed universal life insurance (“IUL”), private placements, and losses in many other types of investments.

Each of Savage Villoch Law’s reputable and respected Florida securities fraud lawyers are available to represent clients who have suffered investment loss throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and most countries. If you or a loved one has suffered investment losses after entrusting your assets to a stock brokerage or registered investment advisor, Savage Villoch Law, PLLC, will work to help you recover. Our securities fraud lawyers are ready, willing, and able to help clients, no matter where you live, to recover investment losses due to fraud, negligence, and other causes of action.

Our Securities Fraud Lawyers

We are Florida securities fraud lawyers, but regardless of where you live, turn to us to help you stand up for your rights against your stockbroker or investment advisor.

Bert Savage

Securities fraud attorney, Bert Savage, is a former securities industry regulator, having worked in New York City’s financial district with the stock market’s regulatory agency now known as FINRA. He earned his MBA and law degree at the University of Florida, ranked as a Top 25 law school in the nation and a Top 5 graduate business school. He was a founding partner and general counsel of a stock brokerage firm that grew to have offices in many states. Through this, he learned the stock brokerage business from the inside. In 2004, Bert founded this practice and has used his skill and knowledge of the brokerage industry to help investors recover their losses. While continuing his practice, Bert also worked as a law school professor. He educated law students in securities and investment loss issues, training them to become attorneys that are able to help investors recover their financial losses. Bert has been cited in news publications and presented at national law conferences on securities loss related matters.

Bert understands the complexities of the financial issues faced by our clients as well as how stock brokerage firms operate. Bert now uses his education, experience, and insights to represent individual investors who have suffered financial losses at the hands of their financial adviser or stockbroker.

Alfred Villoch, III

Alfred Villoch, III, after graduating from Penn State Law, developed his outstanding litigation skills working at large national firms representing clients of all types. His commitment to our clients and insight to righting the wrongs of brokerage firms and investment advisors has yielded strong positive outcomes. Alfred’s dedicated  representation of the firm’s investment loss clients is invaluable to our continuing efforts help investors recover their losses due to stockbroker negligence or fraud.

Brenda Combs

Brenda Combs graduated from the University of Florida’s law school where she shined as an outstanding attorney in training. After passing the bar, her exceptional attorney skills became immediately apparent, and Brenda has worked for decades forcefully fighting for her clients with terrific results. Brenda’s litigation and analytical skills have helped many clients recover damages from stockbrokerage firms across the country.

Consult a Florida Securities Fraud Lawyer. Contact Savage Villoch Law Now!

Are you concerned about securities fraud or negligence associated with a financial loss? Do you think you adviser or broker might have been at fault? It is important to have an experienced law firm on your side that focuses on representing investors. Brokerage firms often have big law firms handle their legal defense, so investors like you should hire experienced securities fraud lawyers to go head to head with even the largest brokerage firms and banks. Call us at 813-200-0013 or use our online form to set up a consultation. You'll get to talk to an experienced securities loss attorney to discuss your case. Don't delay!


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Savage Villoch Law, PLLC | Florida Securities Fraud Lawyers
Savage Villoch Law, PLLC began delivering excellent client results starting in 2014. Our attorneys have represented individuals, and businesses, including insurance companies, across the state of Florida and the nation for decades. We represent our clients in matters including, but not limited to, large investment-loss matters, insurance litigation, and other business disputes in both state and federal courts. We have litigated, arbitrated, and mediated many cases throughout Florida and across the country.
Client Reviews
I am deeply grateful for the superb representation I received from Bert Savage at Savage Villoch Law, representing me in my complex investment loss claim. Bert and the legal team were consistent and persistent from the start, understanding and pursuing my case and securing a favorable outcome for me. Bert worked tirelessly on my behalf and kept me well informed throughout the process. - L. Nathan
"Alfred Villoch is a very versatile individual. He helped me in several parts of the law and was able to leverage his experience multiple times, whether with corporate law or insurance. He takes the extra steps needed to not only ensure an iron-clad proposal is offered but sees the value as a business owner and offers all options. He's been my attorney for over 10 years and has even gone to trial with me and won. It's essential for me to find a confidant who can address any legal situation that arises, and I can say he's risen to the challenge each and every time." - Simon
"Over the years I have come to rely on the expertise of Robert "Bert" Savage in the most important matters concerning my business and my non profit organization. His knowledge and guidance has allowed me to take a more successful path than I would've chosen without him. He takes a genuine interest in my business and has consistently supported my efforts with rock solid advice and enthusiasm. He's as good as they get" - Bob
"If ever I have a legal question impacting my affairs I know I can turn to Alfred as a dependable resource. Accessing his high levels of varied expertise ensures I make decisions that shall contribute to favorable outcomes. He's extremely responsive and thoughtful in his advice, and is always approachable. His communication is thorough and I never walk away from a conversation without feeling that I fully understand the advice Alfred provided." - Joy
"Bert Savage has been a great help to myself and my company. He has demonstrated that he is very knowledgeable and effective, and seems to achieve a lot with the hours he bills. We are quite satisfied with his services and intend to continue our relationship with him. Highly recommended for any of his areas of expertise. " - William
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