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Florida Securities Fraud Lawyer

Burned by a Stockbroker or Financial Adviser? Contact Bert Now!Let Us Tell You Why

Securities fraud attorney, Robert "Bert" Savage, is a former regulator in the securities industry, general counsel to a nationwide brokerage firm, and law school professor. He has over 25 years of legal experience and graduated with both an MBA and law degree from a Top 50 law school. Bert now uses his education, experience, and insights to represent individual investors who have suffered financial losses at the hands of their financial adviser or broker. Bert has even been cited in news publications and appeared on television giving his thoughts on how laws can affect individuals. Bert understands the complexities of the financial issues faced by our clients. Having been a law professor, he can explain the law to you in a way that makes sense. Contact him now.

How can Bert Help Me?

Bert represents investors both in Florida and nationwide. No matter where you live, Bert can help you. Did you invest money? Do you suspect something is wrong? Contact Bert Savage for an initial evaluation to level the playing field because brokers and financial advisers have an unfair advantage over you when dealing with investments. They work in the financial industry every day. Loyalty, good faith, and reasonable care go hand in hand with securities transactions or when offering investment advice to customers. But stockbrokers and financial advisers often commit fraud by withholding critical information or offering bad information.

Did you know that advisers and brokers can churn accounts, make unauthorized trades, or actively deceive you, among other things? If you suspect that your investment adviser or broker might have broken the law, Bert Savage can offer you a FREE CASE STUDY and, if warranted, he can sue for damages in court or bring a claim before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), an organization that oversees the financial services industry. No matter where you live, Bert Savage can evaluate the legal issues and represent you in your stock loss suit or arbitration. As a former regulator and law professor, Bert knows what your adviser or broker should have done right or correctly, and Bert has the skills to help you work to win back your money.

What About Fraud?

It's not asking too much to expect integrity and competent advice when investing your money. A Florida securities fraud lawyer that represents clients across the nation like Bert Savage can help you hold brokers accountable for losses caused by their fraud, bad advice, or information withheld. If you are suing for fraud under the law, you will need to bring the action within a certain time frame after the transaction at issue or you could be barred from bringing your claim. You might have heard this legal concept before. It's called the Statute of Limitations. Don't delay. Contact Bert now!

What is Breach of Fiduciary Duty?

Investment advisers and stockbrokers give advice concerning investments for a fee and, in doing so, they are regulated by the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. Under certain state and federal laws, investment advisers owe a fiduciary duty to their clients. What is a "fiduciary duty?" Simply put, advisers should place their clients' interests above their own. One instance of a fiduciary duty is where the advisers must disclose the material facts about an investment (all facts, not just some) and must give advice that meets a client's financial objectives. Some laws impose a fiduciary duty on brokers as well. In some states, a broker has a fiduciary duty to fully and fairly disclose all material facts, make sure that a customer understands an investment's risks based on their financial interests, and keep customers informed about every completed transaction. Did an adviser or broker put their own interests above yours? Whether you're in Florida or elsewhere nationwide, contact Bert now for a FREE CASE STUDY. You may have a claim for a breach of fiduciary duty.

What About a Misrepresentation? Is That Similar to Lying?

Brokers can misstate the nature of risks related to an investment so they can 'earn' their commission. Luckily, misrepresentations are actionable under state and federal laws, and Bert Savage can help you recover your losses from a financial adviser or stockbroker if they fail to fully or correctly disclose all relevant information in relation to their recommended of investments and/or securities. Laws that might be applicable to your case prohibit brokers from leaving out or falsifying material facts during the sale, purchase, or offering of a security (like a stock or bond, for example). Material or important facts can often include the financial health of a company, the fees associated with a stock purchase, or the risks concerning a specific investment as it relates to itself or to your entire portfolio. Although both the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and state laws prohibit misrepresentations or leaving material facts out when selling investments, a better option can be to pursue a misrepresentation claim under state law. Under some state laws, you do not necessarily need to show that you relied on the misrepresentation or omission. That's why it's important to contact a qualified securities fraud lawyer based in Florida and serving clients nationwide, like Bert Savage.

I've Heard About Negligence, but How Does That Work With Investments?

Under many state laws, either courts or FINRA hold financial advisers to a higher standard of care. Advisers should perform due diligence on securities or investments that they offer to clients so that they are not recommending a sham or poor investment that is unsuitable for you. To establish negligence, a securities fraud lawyer must demonstrate that the adviser or broker should have adhered to a certain standard of care, the adviser or broker breached this standard of care, and the breach caused damages. You could hold a broker accountable if they breached a duty when handling a securities transaction for you and that breach caused you to lose money.

Can a Brokerage Firm be Liable for Investment Losses?

You trust a broker to make decisions for you, but does he or she have your best interests in mind? Brokerage firms owe a duty to supervise and manage their brokers and to ensure that the brokers are following the applicable laws and FINRA rules. If a firm fails to follow this duty and fails to properly watch over its brokers, the firm can be liable for negligence by the brokers. In defending itself, the brokerage firm must show that it had a system in place to make sure that there was adequate supervision and compliance with the applicable rules and procedures. A brokerage firm can also be held indirectly liable for employee negligence under the doctrine of respondeat superior, which is a Latin term for being responsible for your employees or agents.

I See That You Represent Investors Who Lost Money, but What About Business Litigation?

The attorneys at Savage Villoch Law, PLLC, also represents businesses in claims of breach of contract, disagreements between partners, enforcement or avoidance of non-competition agreements, and other legal matters. Most businesses rely on written contracts to help define various important rights and obligations for the business. Another area that often affects businesses is employment law. Employers have many obligations under federal and state laws. Contact us now to discuss your potential case.

What About ADR or Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Most financial or brokerage firms ask their new clients to sign an agreement when they open an investment account that has an arbitration or mediation clause. These clauses or provisions require the clients to resolve disputes with the firm outside of the courts. Arbitration is a less formal "trial" and it takes place before a neutral person or panel of people. Many, if not most, arbitrations are binding (meaning if the panel awards you money, the adviser, broker, and/or firm has to pay you like a judgment from Court). In contrast, mediation is a settlement conference and is an informal process where parties negotiate with the assistance of a neutral person, often a retired judge or experienced lawyer. Bert can represent you nationwide, not just in Florida.

Consult a Florida Securities Fraud Lawyer. Contact Bert Now!

Are you concerned about securities fraud or negligence associated with a financial loss? Do you think you adviser or broker might have been at fault? Bert Savage and Savage Villoch Law, PLLC, will offer you a FREE CASE STUDY. It is extremely important to have an experienced lawyer on your side. Firms usually have a lot of money to pay for their legal defense, and you should hire an experienced securities fraud lawyer based in Florida and taking cases from around the country to go head to head with even the largest brokerage firms and banks and not back down. We represent investors on a contingency fee basis. Call us at 813-200-0013 or use our online form to set up a consultation. You'll get to talk to a former regulator, former law professor, and experienced lawyer Bert Savage. Don't delay!

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