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Business and Corporations Law

Tampa Business Lawyers for Small to Mid-Size Companies

At Savage Villoch Law, PLLC, we help businesses resolve disputes. We help clients focus on solutions rather than obstacles in order to achieve victories. Our firm believes that prevention, mitigation, and creative solutions can be effective in avoiding costly litigation. Therefore, we offer business consulting services as well as business dispute resolution services to meet our client’s needs.

Contracts and Business Formation

Forming a business entity is usually the first step for entrepreneurs when they start a new company. You can use a business structure to secure financing, appoint executives, and set up other major pillars holding up a company. As Tampa Business Lawyers, Savage Villoch Law will help you establish a solid business structure so that you offer your business the best possible chance to succeed. It’s no surprise that entrepreneurs are willing to take risks, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t solidify your business structure prior to launch. Whether you choose a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or even a non profit—each has its pros and cons. What business entity you choose to form is going to come down to such factors as taxation, record-keeping, and liability.

Tell us that you’re ready to structure your business and form a business entity, and we can walk you through the steps. After that's accomplished, we will begin lining up the details of your taxation and record-keeping. It might get complex so you will want to consider an attorney experienced in business creation and formation.

We Do Our Best to Avoid Costly Civil Litigation in Business Matters

Our main goal is to avoid business disputes altogether with careful planning and preparation. Sometimes, even when a dispute arises, it can be resolved with a simple demand letter, or even an informal arbitration or mediation. Unfortunately, there are times that parties simply cannot agree and the disagreements require civil litigation or a fight in court. That is why it’s important to hire business lawyers, like us, who serve the Tampa Bay area.

An example is contract law when the four elements of a contract are satisfied and a contract is formed. Sometimes, a contractual term might be unclear or ambiguous. When a disagreement arises, how the term is interpreted can be worth or cost a significant amount of money for each party. It’s smart to consult with an attorney help win your position.

Hire an Experienced and Talented Business Lawyer to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Are you seeking to form a business entity, to draft or review a contract, to navigate a tricky business dispute, defend an employment lawsuit, or any other type of civil litigation? We are business lawyers serving Tampa, and we can help you protect your business investment and succeed. The attorneys at Savage Villoch Law can help you and your business right now! No matter your situation, the team at Savage Villoch Law will work with you to obtain a full and complete understanding of your business’s needs, will let you know your legal options, and help you make a prudent and reasonable decision based specifically on your situation. To schedule an appointment, complete our contact form or call 813-200-0013.

Client Reviews
I am deeply grateful for the superb representation I received from Bert Savage at Savage Villoch Law, representing me in my complex investment loss claim. Bert and the legal team were consistent and persistent from the start, understanding and pursuing my case and securing a favorable outcome for me. Bert worked tirelessly on my behalf and kept me well informed throughout the process. - L. Nathan
"Alfred Villoch is a very versatile individual. He helped me in several parts of the law and was able to leverage his experience multiple times, whether with corporate law or insurance. He takes the extra steps needed to not only ensure an iron-clad proposal is offered but sees the value as a business owner and offers all options. He's been my attorney for over 10 years and has even gone to trial with me and won. It's essential for me to find a confidant who can address any legal situation that arises, and I can say he's risen to the challenge each and every time." - Simon
"Over the years I have come to rely on the expertise of Robert "Bert" Savage in the most important matters concerning my business and my non profit organization. His knowledge and guidance has allowed me to take a more successful path than I would've chosen without him. He takes a genuine interest in my business and has consistently supported my efforts with rock solid advice and enthusiasm. He's as good as they get" - Bob
"If ever I have a legal question impacting my affairs I know I can turn to Alfred as a dependable resource. Accessing his high levels of varied expertise ensures I make decisions that shall contribute to favorable outcomes. He's extremely responsive and thoughtful in his advice, and is always approachable. His communication is thorough and I never walk away from a conversation without feeling that I fully understand the advice Alfred provided." - Joy
"Bert Savage has been a great help to myself and my company. He has demonstrated that he is very knowledgeable and effective, and seems to achieve a lot with the hours he bills. We are quite satisfied with his services and intend to continue our relationship with him. Highly recommended for any of his areas of expertise. " - William