Yes, Florida in the Ponzi scheme news again!

Are you surprised to see Mr. Ponzi again? Didn’t think so – this IS Florida after all.
As reported by Jim Schoettler of at the Florida Times Union  in Jacksonville reported, Scott Hall, 50, stood before Corrigan and promised to somehow find a way to earn a living and pay his victim’s back once he’s freed from his ten year sentence.
Remarkably, Scott had the courage to tell the Court that “[t]his was not supposed to happen this way,” while he stood there wearing leg shackles and an orange jail jumpsuit.  Of course not!  He was not supposed to get caught is what he really meant.  Do you think he truly has remorse for anything other than the fact that he was caught?  I don’t think so.
Surely his many victims, who placed their trust and their money with Hall, had deep regret for believing Hall’s song and dance.  But remember – this is a crime committed by Hall and not a crime committed by his victims. The victims simply did what they are supposed to do in the investment world: hire a supposed expert who in this case was Hall, who is now serving a prison term for running a ponzi scheme.
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