Why You Need A Chapter 7 Attorney In Tampa

logo-squareWith the new laws that are in effect, it’s very confusing to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You need an attorney to help you. Qualifying for a Chapter 7 is not easy anymore. The new restraints make it difficult and many have to file a Chapter 13 and repay their debts. However, a bankruptcy attorney can help you decide which chapter you qualify for.
Before you file your petition, the attorney needs to know all the transactions of the past 60 days. The court wants to know about any cash loans or any expensive items that you’ve purchased. They consider residency requirements, and you must attend credit counseling. It’s a lot to take in and it’s overwhelming to the average person. That’s why it’s so important to have a bankruptcy attorney handling the matter.
A Chapter 7 attorney in Florida can help you complete the “means test” and see if you qualify for this chapter. When you met the qualifications, the attorney files the petition, and the court appoints a trustee. You don’t lose everything; the court allows you some as exempt. The court sells non-exempt property. Debts like student loans, tax bills and any bill accumulated through fraudulent means are not discharged through bankruptcy.
Many feel that they don’t need a bankruptcy attorney to handle their case. The petition has many schedules and is confusing to fill out. Any errors in the forms can give the court cause to dismiss your petition. Because it costs money to file a case, it’s best to have a professional handling it. At Savage Law, we are well versed in all areas of bankruptcy. We can help you file your Chapter 7 and get the debt relief you need!

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