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Rate hikes on the way

The Federal Reserve recently announced that interest rate hikes likely, causing trading and investing to slow. Fed Chairwoman, Janet Yellen will most likely announce increases later this week, with several more expected throughout 2017. Rates will likely increase 0.75-1.00 percent, initially, according to a Reuters report.

The Fed’s announcement considerably slowed the recent tech and industrial market rally Wall Street has been experiencing. Investors and securities traders are waiting to see how these increased rates will affect market holdings.

Setting a Record

The Dow has done it.

On Wednesday Jan. 25, the Dow hit a record high of 20,069 amid celebration from broker-dealers and investors alike. The 20k mark is an important milestone for the industrial market index. It not only represents the U.S. economy’s turnaround following the recession, but also the wave of stock market optimism riding on President Trump’s election.

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