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Understanding Index Funds

There’s a lot of ways you can get involved in securities investing. Some of the most popular methods are through the use of what are called index funds. An index fund is a type of mutual fund that tracks the performance and returns of a market index.

You are probably familiar with stock and security market indexes like the S&P 500 or Russell 2000 index. Because a market index essentially acts as a barometer to track and project returns for a collection of similar securities, you are not able to directly invest in them. However, since index funds seek to track the returns of market indexes, you are able to use them as a sort of indirect investment channel.

U.S. stock markets continue to rally this week amid optimism around President Trump’s economic plans. Reaching a historic high on Monday, S&P 500 topped $20 trillion. This latest rally is a part of the ongoing boost stock market indices have been enjoying as economists wait for the Trump Administration to roll out its economic plan.

Despite a slight stall last week, the stock market has a renewed optimism, with financial and industrial stocks benefiting most from the ‘Trump trade’.

Despite stock market optimism from Wall Street, economists remain wary of the President’s economic plan. According to a Reuters report, some experts are starting to express concern over when he will actually introduce his plan.

Investment planning.

The thought sends shivers down the spines of many an investor. In fact, many don’t even want to think about it and will gladly pay someone else to do that for them.

However, taking a hands-on approach to your investments provides an extra surety against incurring extensive losses in the event that an investment goes sour. It also drastically diminishes the likelihood of falling victim to financial losses at the hands of someone looking to take advantage.

logo-squareHave you lost money due to the careless mistakes or intentional fraud of a stockbroker or other financial adviser? Using FINRA arbitration, we may be able to recover your loss. An FINRA claim is made on investment deals with stocks, annuities, mutual funds and bonds. Using a Florida stock market attorney, you can see justice for your wrongdoing.

If you have a claim against a financial advisor or stockbroker, they are required to go to arbitration before FINRA. Rather than a long drawn out court hearing, the Financial Industry Regulatory handles the session. There will be 1-3 arbitrators at the hearing, and a decision will also be made at that time. The wait for a hearing takes about a year.  It depends on the size of the claim as to how many arbitrators will be assigned. More than 60% of all cases are settled, and there’s no need for a hearing.

These circumstances are difficult, and there is much paperwork. An investment fraud attorney can help with the FINRA arbitration case and get your money back. What are the most common types of investment fraud, they are:

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