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A 2016 study by the Tax Policy Center comparing Trump’s then-stated plan and the current tax ratesOne of the big platforms that boosted Trump to the Oval Office was his promise to let business operate unencumbered. Throughout his campaign, he promised a hands-off approach to business, including wide-scale financial deregulation as well as considerable corporate tax cuts.

In fact, Wall Street was riding high post-election on sheer optimism. Financial and industrial stocks soared, reaching record peaks, in anticipation of the big regulatory rollback that was sure to follow.

For businesses, too, hopes were high. The Trump administration promised huge tax cuts for businesses and corporations.

What is an LLC?

You have a marketable skill or talent and want to start your own business. You have heard the term “LLC” before and you know it has something to do with small-business. You might even know that LLC stands for limited-liability company, but what exactly does that mean?

There are a lot of questions would-be entrepreneurs may have about LLCs. What are they? Why are they needed? Should I form one?

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