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This week, a U.S. appeals court elected not to reinstate President Trump’s controversial travel ban. The decision by the appeals court moves the debate closer to the Supreme Court, as the issue gets more contentious.

The order called for a restriction on travel for people from six countries with a majority Muslim population. It caused a great amount of fervor when it was rolled out in January, due to it’s hap-hazard execution as well as its seemingly discriminatory language.

If you’ve been following the story, you know that it caused outrage and mass confusion at many U.S. airports as visa-holders from these countries were detained or denied entrance into the country. The poor roll-out was the initial reason for a judge in Hawaii to strike it down.

U.S. stock markets continue to rally this week amid optimism around President Trump’s economic plans. Reaching a historic high on Monday, S&P 500 topped $20 trillion. This latest rally is a part of the ongoing boost stock market indices have been enjoying as economists wait for the Trump Administration to roll out its economic plan.

Despite a slight stall last week, the stock market has a renewed optimism, with financial and industrial stocks benefiting most from the ‘Trump trade’.

Despite stock market optimism from Wall Street, economists remain wary of the President’s economic plan. According to a Reuters report, some experts are starting to express concern over when he will actually introduce his plan.

Uncertain Future for Dodd-Frank

Last week, President Trump ordered a review of major banking regulations put in place following the 2008 financial crisis, largely comprising Dodd-Frank regulations. President Trump has made clear that rollbacks are a main objective for these reviews.

Though the executive order only calls for a review, the Trump administration aims to make major cuts to banking regulations, largely affecting Dodd-Frank’s enforcement measures: Volcker Rule and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

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