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Each month, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) publishes a complaint report outlining and highlighting volume and percentage of consumers’ reported financial complaints.

The CFPB is an agency tasked with providing consumers with financial protection and empowerment by improving existing consumer protection rules, enforcing rules and providing tools and resources for consumers.

Analyzing Financial Complaints

logo-squareIn most bankruptcies in the State of Florida, the filer does not have to appear in court.  He, or she, only has to attend a “meeting of creditors,” which also includes a “bankruptcy trustee.”  Appearing before a judge usually occurs if the filer is challenging a debt and claims he does not owe it, or that he owes only part of it.  Although bankruptcy is the best legal means of “eliminating (or ‘discharging’) most, or all, of your debt,” there are certain things bankruptcy can, and cannot, do for you.  Bankruptcy is able to:

1) Stop home foreclosure and vehicle repossession, while you “catch up on missed payments” –Bankruptcy can even make creditors return property which they’ve already confiscated.

2) Stop wage garishment and debt collection calls,

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