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Anytime you decide to invest, you always do background research on the asset or security, right? It is important to know the why and how of an asset or security’s performance before deciding to invest.

Shouldn’t this be the same for your investment broker?

Whatever security in which you invest, it is important to know who your investment broker is. Knowing your investment is in the right hands goes a long way in ensuring the security of your investment.

logo-squareFiling for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a difficult decision for anyone, and usually a scary one. Too often, people make rash decisions in an effort to get as much as they can in their case. Word to the wise: before you make any decisions regarding your finances prior to filing, it’s imperative that you consult with a competent Tampa Chapter 7 lawyer.

That said, here are 3 things you don’t want to do before you file:

Don’t try to hide your assets: hiding assets, say by selling a relative a house or a car at far less than market value, is a definite “no-no”, and in some circumstances can even be a crime. Even selling off assets at fair market value can create enough suspicion that it damages your case. If you have any questions about property you want to sell, consult with your attorney before taking any action.

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