Reverse Mortgage Consumers Face False Claims

Reverse Mortgage Companies See Reversal of Fortunes

This week, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)  announced charges against three top reverse mortgage companies with false claims and deceptive advertising. These companies lured consumers into reverse mortgage contracts under the claim that they would not stand a chance of losing their homes, among other promises.
American Advisors Group, Reverse Mortgage Solutions and Aegean Financial have all been ordered to cease deceptive advertising, comply with regulations and pay penalties by the CFPB.

reverse mortgage false claimsAmerican Advisors Group

The largest of the three, American Advisors Group (AAG) is licensed in 49 states and the District of Columbia. The company’s deceptive advertising reached over 1 million consumers, nationwide, from 2012-2016.

AAG’s false claims include:

  • Homeowners keeping their homes for life
  • No monthly payments
  • Reverse mortgage programs would settle all debts.

On top of compliance regulation, American Advisors Group is ordered to pay a civil penalty of $400 thousand.

reverse mortgage false claimsReverse Mortgage Solutions

RMS is licensed in 48 states.
RMS’s false claims include:

  • Consumers would keep their homes for life
  • Property heirs would be entitled to inheritance of homes
  • Creating a false sense of urgency to purchase packages.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions has been ordered to pay a $325 thousand penalty along with regulation compliance measures.

Aegean Financial

Aegean operates as Jubilados Financial for Spanish-speaking consumers in California and as Reverse Mortgage Professionals for consumers in California, Oregon, Washington and Texas.
Aegean Financial marketed false claims that:

  • Consumers could not lose their homes
  • Would not be subject to monthly payments of refinance fees
  • Jubilados Financial falsely advertised to be a government-affiliated org.

Aegean Financial is ordered to pay a civil penalty of $65 thousand along with regulation compliance measures.

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