If I am having problems paying my bills, what is the first thing that I should do?

The first thing that you should do when you’re having trouble paying your bills is set up a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney to see what debt relief options are available to you. Financial struggles are stressful and can rip families apart.  You might be uncertain as to whether you can be evicted from your home or lose your car or have your wages garnished. You might not know how quickly your creditors could move on accomplishing these things. For example, could you be evicted a week from now or will it takes months?
When you’re unable to pay your bills as they become due, a bankruptcy attorney can help you prioritize what debts are the most important, like state and federal taxes, rent payments, mortgage and car payments, and utility payments.  The attorney can also help you understand if your financial struggles are temporary or long term.  If the situation is temporary, you could do certain things to hold off your creditors while getting back on your feet so that you can start paying them again.
If the financial struggle is a long-term problem or your home or car is in jeopardy of repossession, then bankruptcy could be the answer for you.  A bankruptcy attorney could also explain how these things affect your credit score.  Either way, you will feel immediately relief with a free initial consultation from an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Schedule a free consultation TODAY with Savage, Combs & Villoch, PLLC.  Our telephone number is 813-200-0013.  We do bankruptcies in Central Florida and we’re ready to help today!  Please visit our website to learn more about bankruptcy and refer a friend or family member too.

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