Documents Needed For Bankruptcy Filing

One of the most taxing aspects of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is gathering and preparing all of the documents for the court. Tampa bankruptcy lawyers can assist with this process. Additionally, Tampa bankruptcy lawyers can explain that certain documents are necessary to file with the court and others are necessary for the completion of the bankruptcy petition.

Documents Required for Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Tampa bankruptcy lawyers can explain that the petition is the most important part of the bankruptcy filing process. Along with this important document, a petitioner must provide a statement and certificate showing that he or she complied with the requirement for credit counseling and completed this counseling. If the person was in the military, he or she must provide a statement regarding his or her service. Additionally, a Notice to Individual Debtor with Primarily Consumer Debts and a statement of the person’s Social Security number must be filed.

Documents to File with Bankruptcy Petition

Many of the documents that must be included with the petition are disclosures of the individual’s property such as a schedule showing his or her real property, personal property, property that he or she is hoping to have considered exempt and a summary of these schedules. He or she must also provide information related to his or her income, check stubs and a form that shows how monthly income and disposable income were calculated. The debtor must also provide information related to creditors, such as a list of individuals who hold secured claims, unsecured priority claims, unsecured non-priority claims, unexpired leases and executory contracts. Codebtors must also be disclosed. Additionally, each debtor must provide a list of current expenditures and must prepare a declaration regarding all of the schedules. Organizational information is required such as making a matrix of the mailing list and a statement of financial affairs. Tax returns for the four years preceding the petition must also be submitted. If the debtor owns a house, a statement that pertains to the homestead exemption must also be filed.
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