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It happens: you run into a bit of financial difficulty, and you need to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you’re in the Tampa area of Florida, you will need to hire a Tampa chapter 7 lawyer to represent your best interests immediately!
Chapter 7 bankruptcy is known as the “fresh start” bankruptcy, because it wipes out all your debts and gives you a chance to start over again. When you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Florida, a trustee sells (or liquidates) all of your assets (some assets are protected under the Florida Bankruptcy Exemptions, such as personal property and certain pensions, and are therefore excluded from liquidation) to pay off your creditors. After liquidating your assets, the trustee then receives a commission that covers his/her fees.
Not all debts can be discharged with a Chapter 7 filing. You will still be responsible for some of your debts, such as alimony, child support, and student loans. In addition, some of your assets — such as your home and your car — can only be protected if you sign a Reaffirmation Agreement, which prevents you from wiping out (or re-bankrupting) that asset for the next eight years.
This is certainly a lot of information to process — and we here at Savage, Combs, and Villoch are here to help you navigate these admittedly difficult waters. We have years of experience successfully counseling clients on financial matters and getting real results for them. If you would like to see if a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing is right for you, contact us today and let’s get you on the right road to financial recovery!

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