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svEven the most careful and diligent investors can get stuck in an investment fraud scheme without an investment fraud attorney. Florida residents who have been victimized by an investment fraud scheme (i.e., a Ponzi scheme, stock portfolio loss, negligence on the part of your stockbroker or financial adviser) will need a Florida investment fraud attorney, and we at the Savage law firm are here to help.
While it can be distressing to learn that you have lost thousands — if not hundreds of thousands — of dollars as a result of an investment fraud scheme, it should serve as some comfort to know that both state and federal laws protect you, the investor, from negligent, unsuitable, or otherwise illegal behavior by your investment advisers and/or stockbrokers; should you be a victim of such predatory behavior, these same laws also provide that you, the investor, can seek financial remedies against those same financial advisers and stockbrokers.
Of course, it’s never as easy as just asking for your money back, and getting it. The actual process of obtaining restitution for your losses can be a costly legal battle that requires an understanding of complex state and federal laws that most laypeople (i.e., non-lawyers) simply do not have. This is why the assistance of an investment fraud attorney is invaluable.
Savage, Combs & Villoch, PLLC offers experienced and highly qualified legal services to individuals, business owners, stock market investors, stockbrokers, and brokerage firms.  Located in Tampa, Florida, we have a regional, national, and global practice with a focus on bankruptcy, business, and securities issues. Contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation about your investment fraud case.

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