Choosing the right bankruptcy lawyer

Choosing to go through bankruptcy is usually a final attempt by people in a difficult financial situation, who are trying to salvage what they may of their lives. They are sinking – due to the market collapse, a job loss, business going under, unexpected medical emergencies and the attendant sky-high bills, a mortgage they can no longer afford, the kids’ college tuition, or maybe just from poor money management – whatever the reason, their financial boat is under water. Creditors are threatening to take the few assets they’ve managed to keep and they’re facing utter ruin. At this point they need to find the best bankruptcy lawyer they can – the best one for them, specifically.
To this end, they must ask qualifying questions of their prospective lawyer:

  • What kind of bankruptcy should I file: Chapter 7 or 13, or is my situation more complex than that?
  • Will you help me retain or recover my assets, even if they’re stocks?
  • How much of my assets will the bankruptcy law allow me to keep and still forgive my debt?

In effect, they must interview the attorney – to ascertain the breadth of his knowledge in current bankruptcy law, and his experience and track record in asset recovery or retention. Be selective and careful, and seek a premier law firm such as Savage, Combs & Villoch, PLLC. The Tampa Bankruptcy attorneys at Savage, Combs & Villoch, PLLC have a wealth of knowledge and experience to bear on a variety of financial situations.
Bankruptcy is serious; place your trust in capable, experienced hands – if you live in Florida, New York, or New Jersey, contact us today for help with your bankruptcy.

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