Ahead of Fed Announcement, Financial Investing on Wall Street Rebounds

Financial Investing Pushes Wall Street Rebound

This week, market analysts and investors saw Wall Street regaining upward traction. Dow and S&P indexes soared to record weekly gains, buoyed by a flurry of trading activity. According to a Reuters report, financial investing has been one of the major drivers, followed by industrial and tech.

  • Bank of America, MorganStanley and Citigroup up 1 percent
  • Boeing and Caterpillar up 1 percent

This rebound comes ahead of the upcoming, two-day Federal Open Market Committee meeting at which Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen will speak. Investors will be looking for signals as to when new interest rate hikes might be announced. Investors are also watching for an announcement on the Fed’s plans to unpack much of its $4.2 billion portfolio of mortgage-backed securities and Treasuries
The recent Wall Street rally also comes at a relatively calm period of uncertainty and market anxiety. Concern over global conflicts, as well as uncertainty over domestic policy has led many investors to hold back on riskier investments.

Calm Before the Storm?

Recent activity has reached record level. Dow and S&P recorded their best and second best weekly gains this year, respectively. However, there remains major uncertainty over future market outlooks.
There is still uncertainty over how the Trump Administration will effect changes to current financial regulations as well as trade policy. Additionally, concern over foreign policy and rising geopolitical tensions has led to an apprehensive investment market. Until this rebound, financial investing, as well as other markets, had seen a slump after an initial, post-election boost.

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