5 Tips for Hiring a Securities Attorney

If you’re an investor, you know that you’re managing risks every day — no matter how you slice it.
When it comes to playing the stock market or dealing with other such high-powered investments, you’ll need the assistance of a lawyer that can watch out for your legal interests.
Whether you need another set of eyes or feel that you have a lawsuit on your hands, hiring the help of a securities attorney can give you just what you need.
However, there are some guidelines that will assist you in finding whatever attorney you see fit. By following these guidelines, you’ll be able to make the best decision for you.
Consider these suggestions and use them to match up with the best securities lawyer for the job.

1. Research the Bar Association to Find a Securities Attorney List

In order to get assistance from a great securities attorney, you need to know where the big fish swim.
This doesn’t mean you need to necessarily hire the most popular or high-end firm, you simply need to know you’re doing business with the best and most capable. Before you find out who is who, you’ll need a large list that you can whittle down.
Start by touching base with your state’s bar association and it’ll let you know which firms practice securities law in your state.
When you conduct that search, figure out which practice law in your city and start to look into referrals or testimonials from other investors. Choosing a securities lawyer that is bar-associated helps you to know that they practice their area of law above board and according to industry standards.
Checking their bar association should be the main prerequisite that you look into so that you are able to get the assistance that you need from an attorney near you.

2. Consult With a Handful Of Attorneys and Ask the Right Questions

It’s important that you not only find which attorneys are the best but also actually sit down with them to discuss your case.
The more attorneys you speak to, the clearer idea you’ll have of what sort of representation is available to you.
Start with telling them the details of your case in order to get their professional take on it. Once you tell them the details of your particular situation, you’ll be able to see if they’ve handled these sorts of cases in the past.
If they have, make sure to ask them the details to know that they’re really equipped to help you out.
In addition to their previous experiences, ask the firm which individual will be handling your case. This will let you know who you’ll have direct contact with, and you can also check into their background.
You will also need to find out what their specialties are. Securities attorneys might help merge companies, launch IPOs or deal with the fallout of a fraud case. The more that you know about what these lawyers offer, the clearer you’ll be when it’s time to hire them.
Knowing their specialty up front also helps you weed out attorneys that don’t have the strengths that matter with your case.

3. Gain Some Clarity About the Cost

The benefit of a consultation with a law firm is that you’ll have the opportunity to know how much you’ll be paying for their services.
You need to find out these costs up front in order to price compare and figure out how much you’ll have to pay. These attorneys work under different price models, to include hourly fees, retainer fees, and contingency fees.
When it comes to hourly rates, these professionals will charge you in the range of between $300 per hour and $600 per hour. Hiring a lawyer on retainer may be worth your while so that you’re able to have a helping hand with any and all of your investments moving forward.
They’ll be able to guide you through each transaction so that you avoid mistakes.
Some securities lawyers will also charge you a contingency fee, which is a portion of the payout you get from your investment transaction.
The cost that you pay for your attorney services will depend on the way you need to use them, along with the frequency. When you have these circumstances nailed down, it’ll be much easier for you to get the end result that you need.

4. Get a Second Opinion on Their Advice

To be certain that you’re hiring the securities attorney that’ll be best for you, you’ll want to get another opinion.
You can never truly test the market when you fail to get other professional opinions. Not only will you be able to see how others would tackle your case, you’ll also be able to have them field your legal questions.

5. Do Your Research Into the Firm As a Whole

Finally, be sure that you also do your own research so you can compare case results among different firms.
Knowing how they have fared in court lets you know where you stand when you’re making this hire. Make sure to choose a firm that is transparent, so you can compare notes and have them field questions until you feel comfortable making the hire.
So when you need the assistance of a securities attorney that have your best interests in mind, you can start with these suggestions. To learn more about this area of law, get in touch and schedule a consultation today.

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