5 things that a bankruptcy trustee wants you to produce before your 341 meeting.

By Alfred Villoch, III, with Savage, Combs & Villoch, PLLC
In a previous blog post, I explained the purpose of a 341 meeting of creditors.  A trustee holds a 341 meeting in every bankruptcy case.  You can access that blog post HERE.  Before a 341 meeting, a bankruptcy trustee usually requests certain documents to verify the information provided in the bankruptcy petition and schedules. Without the production of this information, a trustee may reschedule or adjourn the meeting until the documents are provided.  Below are 5 things that a bankruptcy often requests to review at least one week before the 341 meeting.
1.  Tax returns for the last two years.
2.  Paystubs for the last six months.
3.  Copies of vehicle titles for any vehicle that you own.
4.  Bank statements for any accounts for the two months prior to the bankruptcy case.
5.  Statements for any retirement accounts.
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