3 Signs That It's Time to Hire a Tampa Chapter 7 Lawyer

svAlthough the idea of filing bankruptcy might not be pleasant, there is a good chance that filing bankruptcy is exactly what you should do to get back on track. Dealing with financial issues can be difficult, but hiring a Tampa Chapter 7 lawyer to help you file bankruptcy could be life changing. These are a few signs that it’s time to look into bankruptcy as an option to get your finances on track.
1. You’re Getting Constant Collection Calls
Few things can be as unsettling and disruptive as receiving constant collection calls from your creditors. Plus, it can be embarrassing to receive calls when you’re around friends and family, and getting these calls while you’re at work can cause trouble for you at work. Once you file bankruptcy, however, you can help avoid these problems because your creditors will no longer be allowed to contact you via phone.
2. You’re Only Making Minimum Payments
It’s nice to be able to make small payments on your bills on the months that you have a lot going on financially. If all you are doing is making minimum payments each and every month, however, you should know that your debt is probably snowballing more and more each day. Bankruptcy could be what you need to help prevent this snowballing.
3. You Can’t Pay All of Your Bills Each Month
It’s never good if you aren’t able to pay all of your bills each month. This is a sign that you are overextended and that you will never get things under control. Your best solution could be to file Chapter 7 or another form of bankruptcy.
Living in a bad financial situation can make you feel as if you will never get things under control. If any of these three signs apply to you, or if you otherwise think that it’s time to do something else about your finances, contact us today to find out more about filing bankruptcy.

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