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Tampa Bankruptcy Attorneys

At Savage, Combs & Villoch, PLLC, our Tampa Bankruptcy Attorneys have a wealth of experience helping clients in a variety of different business related matters. Don’t leave your case to chance. Entrust your matter to a premier law firm.


If you are contemplating bankruptcy, speak to a qualified Tampa Bankruptcy Attorney who can help you decide what kind of filing is right for you. We handle Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and more complex bankruptcy filings. The sooner you discuss your financial matters with an attorney, the more options you may have for dealing with them.

Stockbrokers and Investors

Our attorneys have experience assisting clients on both ends of the spectrum where business investments are concerned. For stockbrokers, our attorneys can help you understand issues involving regulatory compliance and handling complaints and grievances. For our investor clients, we can help you determine whether your investment loss is due to market conditions or broker misconduct.

Business Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys can evaluate the facts of your case and help determine how best to proceed to resolve your business disputes. Our attorneys can explore various alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation or arbitration. In the event your dispute can’t be resolved outside of court, we can help you aggressively pursue your claim.

FINRA Arbitration

Our office employs FINRA certified arbitrators who can help resolve disputes between stockbrokers and investors. Additionally, our firm can discuss whether arbitration is a good option depending on the circumstances of your case.

Foreclosure Assistance

Our firm can help you in your foreclosure to protect your most valuable asset – your home.  Home foreclosures are governed by strict statutes with very specific notification requirements and timelines. Let us help you pursue your matter in the most efficient manner possible, with an aim toward saving you time and money down the road.

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To speak to an experienced Tampa Bankruptcy Lawyer who can thoroughly evaluate your case and help you understand your best legal options, contact Savage, Combs & Villoch, PLLC. To set up an appointment for an initial consultation, call us at 813-251-4890.


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  • Corporate Litigation

    Alfred Villoch has previously represented large companies in litigation matters such as: Sun Trust Bank, GEICO, Tampa General Hospital, Wells Fargo Bank, and Bay Cities Bank, to name a few.

  • Bank Saves $1 Million

    Alfred Villoch once saved Wells Fargo Bank approximately $1 million by securing an early victory on a motion to dismiss in federal court based on Florida’s banking statute of frauds.

  • $8 million victory due to broker negligence

    Client received a settlement of more than $8 million due to negligent information given to the client by their Harvard educated stock broker.

  • Corporate Bankruptcy Success

    Alfred Villoch has assisted large companies in corporate bankruptcy and restructuring matters.  Such companies include DirecTV Latin America, Alterra, Healthcare, Integrated Health Services, Touch America Holdings, to name a few.

What Our Clients Say

  • Having had the privilege and regret to have worked with many attorneys i can say without a doubt that Al is the most professional and by far the most knowledgeable that i have interacted with. I use him undoubtedly for any of my legal needs. Amazingly i feel less stress than ever with him handling my business and personal legal matters and i would strongly suggest him to anyone I feel could benefit from his expertise.

  • When you have reason to pursue justice – in business law – and you are willing to take the risk of investing funds, personal time and emotional energy…do yourself a favor and hire Bert Savage. Bert is a compassionate man. He understands and respects your fervor for righteousness, yet his no-nonsense demeanor, knowledge of the law, and mindful negotiation skills keep you focused on your objective. Bert listens, assesses, guides you through your part in the process; he is available to you; he offers options and he gets the job done. I have no doubt my investment in Bert was worth every penny and more. I recommend him without hesitation.

  • Alfred Villoch is a very versatile individual. He’s helped me in several parts of the law and was able to leverage his experience multiple times whether with corporate law or insurance. He takes the extra steps needed to not only ensure an iron clad proposal is offered but sees the value as a business owner and offers all options. He’s been my attorney for over 10 years and has even gone with trial with me and won. It’s important for me to find a confidant who can address any legal situation that arises and I can say he’s risen to the challenge each and every time.

  • I’ve had the fortune and pleasure of knowing Alfred Villoch for almost a decade. In that time, he’s handled several cases on my behalf.  Above all, I was impressed with Alfred’s ability to depict the facts, communicate options and provide legal advice all while keeping my best interests at hand. His experience, integrity and strong work ethic have afforded him an imperishable career.  Alfred’s professionalism and passion for the law make him an asset to any firm and a legal weapon for any client.

  • While in-house counsel of a large regional brokerage firm, Mr. Savage has defended customer complaints of clients who sought to sue their broker. Between 2010 and 2013 Mr. Savage has been on the faculty of Florida International University College of Law where he established an Investor Advocacy Clinic to provide legal assistance to investors who could not obtain representation elsewhere. Since 2013 Mr. Savage has been on the faculty of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School where he established a Debt Relief Clinic to provide legal services for indigent members of our Tampa Bay community. He also teaches a course in Pre-Trial Skills to upper level law students.

  • Mr. Savage has done numerous work for me over the course of my career. The most recent was in assisting in setting up my Registered Investment Advisory. With more than 20 years of securities business experience, I know that he knows where to go and what to do. For the record, I have used Mr. Savage’s service for everything from helping to establish a non profit company to setting up 3 different business entities as well. He counseled me on pro’s and con’s of each structure and help me arrive at the best option for each unique circumstance.

  • If you want the best you have found the best. Mr. Savage is knowledgeable and very understanding. I was so impressed with his ability to make me feel comfortable, and to be able to trust him was so easy.