SEC Proposes Several New Measures Aimed at Increasing Corporate Accountability and Improving Investor Confidence

On July 1st, the SEC voted on several new measures that were aimed primarily to increase investor confidence by providing investors with tools to increase corporate accountability. First, the commission approved a measure that requires a shareholder vote on executive pay in proxy solicitations involving companies that receive money from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).  The Commission also voted to propose a measure requiring public companies  better disclosure of executive pay in their proxy statements. A New York Stock Exchange rule was changed as well, as the SEC now prohibits brokers from voting proxies in corporate elections without customer input.

These types of programs are all well and good but a fundamental issue remains and that is the SEC actually taking action against the fraudsters in the industry.  Until the SEC starts using the tools it has to catch the fraudsters, even the very obvious ones (for example: Madoff), investor confidence will remain lower than it could and should be.

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